Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Hotel Stay Again!

I know, I know...

Most people would love to be staying away in a hotel.
Huge bed to themselves, nice meal cooked and paid for by someone else, for me however I would much rather be at home I can tell you!

Due to me having two solid days of meetings at my head office it's not practical or safe to drive the 180 mile round trip two days in a row.

I shall yet again be staying here.

The only real positive is that I can have a nice swim this evening!

So until tomorrow.

X x


  1. I can imagine it does get tiresome.

    Much love x

  2. I wouldnt mind trying it...but it must get lonely.
    Enjoy the spa.

  3. yeh i think it's nice once in a while, and if you have to work the next day you can't hit the mini bar too hard ;)

  4. That trip sounds horrible! At least they've got you somewhere nice for the night X

  5. ooh hotel looks nice! Shame you can't stay at home :(

  6. Good luck with the meetings!



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