Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Gifts Galore....

Yes I know Christmas has well and truly passed but I never told you about the amazing gifts I had.
(Other than Maddies go course and they were fab!)

So heres what Santa (Aka Andy, Kassie and Ashleigh) spoilt me with;

If I don't end up with a cookery book I know something is afoot!
This year they gave me two.  Not good for the diet mind.

(Naughty) Hubby got me a kindle, which considering we weren't getting each other anything was very naughty indeed!
(that said I do love it)

Of course I had to have smellies!

A sparkly bangle and yummy chocolate.

My daughters know me well and each brought me a bottle of JLO.
( I use it for work as my day perfume)

Andy also spoilt me with a gift box of one of my favourite perfumes, Beautiful.

Again a book from each of the girls.

Kylie's showtime from hubby.

The obligatory calendar and diary from the girls.

Each of them also chose me a note book and pencils for me to use in my handbag.

What can I say, I was spoilt bless em.

And thats not even all of it!
(I wore my dress Christmas day)

I still have money to spend, along with a few vouchers to.

Hope Santa also brought you quite a few pretties.

For me the best gift of all was having them all at home and having fun.

X x


  1. Oh wow! Lucky you with such lovely pressies. I also love getting cookbooks. Next on my list to buy is The Good Cook by Simon Hopkinson- every time I watched his TV show i was literally drooling!

  2. What nice pressies! I also received that lovely red notebook from my FHC christmas swap and I adored it!!!

  3. hi you will smell nice. I have smelt the j-lo one and it is lovely.
    Glad you all had a lovely time x

  4. You are very lucky indeed - I got a Kindle too. X

  5. You were very lucky. I got a kindle for my birthday from dd.i love it

  6. It looks like you're going smell divine and be well read in 2012!!


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