Sunday, 3 June 2012

Smile, Its The Weekend.....

Normally you get to Sunday and know that you are heading back to work tomorrow, but not today.

We still have two whole glorious days off.

For us it will in tail housework today.
(Very boring I know but with the hours I've worked last week if resembles a tip!)

Monday and Tuesday will be family days, with a day out (A frugal day out of course) and what feels like the feeding of the five thousand!

So what are your plans?

Here's what I was wearing yesterday, (patriotic colours of course! Well may as well join in the fun.)
Jacket - Next (£1.50 from a jumble sale!)
Tshirt - Asda (gift from hubby last year for the royal wedding)
Jeans - ASOS (years old
Shoes - Barretts (years old) 

Very simple but comfy for the errands I needed to do.

I was wearing my next scarf too but had taken it off when before I took any photos.

Do you notice anything different?

Yep, I finally go my hair cut and boy does it feel better!

I had to show you the silly photos too!

Well what girl isn't born to be a princess?!

X x


  1. What an appropriate outfit for the season - stylish too :)

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  2. I love the t shirt! I once proclaimed to my Dad that I should have been born a princess, he howled with laughter.
    To celebrate I put up yards of bunting, it looks so lovely that I really don't want to take it down. Ever.
    If it stops raining I'll spend my two days off tackling the garden, if not, I'll be painting our cloakroom. Nothing exciting but both will give a good feeling of satisfaction at the end if the day.

  3. Great outfit. I love the jeans and jacket.

  4. Great colors- I especially like those shoes!


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