Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Thinking Outside The Box...

Part of my job involves deciding what to film for training videos, which I think is great.

Nothing bores me more than boring video clips so I love coming up with wild and whacky ideas to film and to make into training games.
(I'm not too sure that people aways get where I'm coming from at times though.)

Today has involved yet another creative meeting to brainstorm out of the box ideas for my next project and as usual they were all far too quiet to begin with.

But as often happens by the end of the session you couldn't shut them up!

They definitely found their create mojo! 

As for my creative MoJo?

Well its been visiting again and my next project was these;

Another pair of upscaled shoes!
A plain pair of black primark shoes, now updated.
I am liking the bright colours around for this summer so rather than spend a fortune I gave a pair of shoes a make over.

I'm rather pleased with them.

I have also made myself an asymmetric skirt, as is all the fashion.
(No paying silly prices in our house)

I am very pleased with the result and think I shall be getting a fair amount of use out of it this summer, all being well.
(I think it deserves to have a post of its own so watch this space)

And for 20p it won't upset me too much if I don't.

X x

PS If you get chance visit my eBay listings here.
(Should you bid, please let me know and if you are a follower I shall discount the item for you)
X x


  1. They're fab. How did you do those?


  2. They look great, far better than splashing out on a new pair. Really funky and cool! x

  3. Lovely! But how and what did u do to em?


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