Thursday, 3 March 2011

Another Day, Another Dollar.

I am so glad to be home. Not that I have been home that much!
I didn't get home until after nine on Tuesday evening and then had along day yesterday too!
Today is not going to be too much better, so roll on the weekend please!

I have totally failed in any training for three peaks this week so far, so tonight I will be hitting the treadmill.
(Picture a demented elephant trying to run, because that's what I look like!)

As for today I actioning training sessions all day.Yesterdays went a little off track due to having an evacuation (a gas leak) and having to sit in McDonald's for an hour!

Today's outfit consists of a bargain dress from New Life in Cannock.

Dress - New Life £8

Shoes - Barretts (years old)
Tights - Wilkos

The detail on the top of the dress gives it a little more interest.
( And yes blue shoes are not really corporate but never mind!)
Jewellery I have kept simple.
Bracelet - Purchase from France

Ring - H&M

Coat - New Life (£11)

Again a little more colour added to brighten up my day.

Hope you are having less busy week than I am.

X x x



  1. That dress is gorgeous on you, total bargain! Loving those naughty blue shoes! xxx

  2. Lovely cut of dress and pah to corporate non-blue shoes!

    I'm not fit really you know - I got a place on the GNR and have never run before ... the other races are smaller milestones to aim for and keep me on track with training. Still at the 2 mins jog then 1 min walk stage of training tho - eep! Best of luck with Scafell, look forward to seeing the pics!

  3. Hi my dear-a great outfit, I especially love your silver ring and red coat, very vibrant and stylish xx

  4. that dress is gorgeous, LOVE the sleeves x


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