Monday, 14 March 2011

A day of recovery. Health warning!

Health warning!
I have been unwell.
Yesterday saw me hugging my toilet more than my Hubby.

I can stand many things but being sick is not one of them.

But in true woman style I am up and ready for work as I have an important meeting I can not miss.

Do I feel up to it?
Hell no! But I have consoled myself that I can come directly home and go straight to bed!

So with a little luck normal service will resume soon.

X x x


  1. awww you poor thing I hope you feel better today its awful when you feel ill esp at the weekend xx

  2. Oh no - get well soon and don't work yourself too hard! xx

  3. That's terrible to feel so sick especially when you have an important meeting. I hope you get through it just fine and are able to rest and get well soon.

  4. Hi my dear-wishing you a very speedy recovery xxx

  5. Oh you poor thing! Hope the meeting was over really quickly and you were able to get back to bed.

  6. Thanks for all the special wishes.

    Unfortunatley the meeting went on far too long and I didn't get home till 7! But at least I'm feeling a lot better thank you. And tonight I intend for hubby to have the hugs not the toilet!

    Much love.

    X x x

  7. hope you get better soon and well done for going to the meeting. im terrible when im ill and refuse to do anything other than watch girly films in bed =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  8. Hi my dear-hope you are feeling better today and thank you so much for your kind words and well wishes regarding my new venture, they are sincerely appreciated! Hope you are having a nice week too and thanks once again xxx


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