Monday, 28 March 2011

Monday Morning = Very Sore Feet!

I have very sore feet!

I have walked the pavements of London, the halls of galleries and tottered in and out of the theatre and my poor feet have felt the strain. I have not one, not two, not three but four huge blisters.

No I didn't wear silly shoes, infect I wore a pair that fit like a glove but for what ever reason they suffered. The result is feet like this:

(Sorry if I have grossed you out!)
They are very sore. 

However even with painful feet I enjoyed London as much as ever.

It was very eventful.
We had a lovely stroll around Hyde park.

and watched a fabulous sunset.

On Saturday we were caught in the protests and to be fair to all, they were very civil, you could see who the trouble makers were and the police were out in force to try and stop them as best as they could.

It made me chuckle that they used a quote from Father Ted!

Some of them had some fab outfits

We still managed a bit of shopping, visiting my favourite shop Liberty's.

Display inside the store.

A random elephant and I.

Also visiting the National Gallery.

and on the evening we went to see The Hurly Burly Show.

It was fantastic, Polly Rae is stunning.

Sunday we visited the Tate Britain before traveling home. 

Due to my poorly feet the shoe ban was lifted and I had these as the soles were nicely padded.

Shoes from Next

Foot glove soles

 The rest of Sunday was spent in these,

Clarks flip flops years old

As for today, luckily I only had one meeting at 7am this morning so managed to get away with flats,

Next ballerina shoes purchased last year from Gatwick airport.

However tomorrow I have a training session to take so the heels will be on.
(time to find out the blister plasters I think!)
How was your weekend?

X x


  1. London looks great, shame about the feet. Mone are dreadful when it comes to swapping boots for sandals, covered in pesky blisters. xxx

  2. OMG your feet look so sore.

    Looks like you had a fab time. I have not been to London for ages xx

  3. Oh I hate having sore feet - one good thing about winter is being able to wear two pairs of socks to protect them! LOVE Liberty! x

  4. The feet are much better now thanks. I survived a pair of heels today thankfully.

    X x

  5. pictures of london make me so happy =) hope your feet are ok now

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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