Sunday, 6 March 2011

Things that money can't buy!

Money money money!!!

Sound familiar?

Our whole lives revolve around it whether we want it to or not, but the most important things and sometimes the most enjoyable things in life cost us either nothing or little at all!

So my question would be, "At this precise moment what would you list as three things that money can't buy?"

For me its fairly easy.

Number 1


My mom once told me that love soon goes out the window when you have no money and whilst I don't like to disagree with her in the entirety I don't think that statement is totally true! Of course it gets tough but true love will last anything.
My hubby, is for fear of sounding soppy, is my biggest love, but not the only one!

(The warm feeling you get many years after your first kiss when you realize you married the right person.)

My girls are the ones I would catch a grenade for, do anything for and love unconditionally.
(That complete and utter rush of love when you see there tiny face)

(And how proud you feel as they grow into adults.)

Because love comes in all shapes and sizes it covers the true friends you make along the way, they are the family you get to chose. (The ones that stood by your side when you had nothing but them) and then of course their your the family, even if you can't choose who they are!

Number Two


Happiness comes in many shapes, sizes and forms.
For me it could be singing at the top of your voice. (Not very well I might add!)

A good meal, even better if it's been cooked with love.

Reaching the top of  a hill in the beautiful British country side.

Pondering the beauty of the world on a nice day

And enjoying a silly moment, just because you can!

Number Three

Seeing a new comment or follower on your blog.

It may sound quite a simple thing but it means that someone not only took the time to visit your blog but to let you know what they think. Seeing that someone would like to follow your blog is a huge boost. It may have been a long time since you started yours but I am sure you can remember that feeling?! So if you have left a comment, thank you for making me smile. And if you have decided to follow, a huge thank you. A stranger is only a friend I haven't made yet, please  don't stay a stranger.

Hello friend.

X x x


  1. What a sweet post, Trayci! Your husband has such a gorgeous, infectious smile. xx

  2. before I even scrolled down I said love and happiness. very lovely post and totally true that people are too money obsessed

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. aw such an inspirational post!


  4. Hi my dear-I really love your post and echo your sentiments too-you have a gorgeous family and its great to see how happy you all are too! Have a good week ahead xxx

  5. this post = majorly inspiring x

  6. What a lovely post! Hello again from a random visitor! I really loved this post! I agree with all your choices! The wonderful feeling of a beautiful view on a glorious walk, breathing in fresh air, away from city life, is something I cherish, especially when work becomes crazy!
    Hello friend back to you!

  7. Hi Kezzie and welcome. Pleasure to meet you hun!

    X x

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