Saturday, 2 April 2011


After a week being stuck in doors actioning training sessions it was great to spend time in the great outdoors and get some fresh air in the lungs.

The only problem with going a 5 mile walk with my hubby and nephews is that I only ever see this;

The back of them!
And the gap only gets bigger!

That said it was a lovely walk from Baggeridge to Himley Hall, approximately 5 miles. Enough to feel like you have had a good walk.

The nicest thing was that we walked past the spot that hubby took me to when he proposed. It still makes me smile to think the I was proposed to on a slag heap! Because that's what Baggeridge is! 

A happy day, bringing back happy memories, blasting away the cobwebs in body, mind and soul.

X x x


  1. Looks like you had a nice walk even if you did is more slowly than your DH. Happy weekend.

  2. Looks lovely! I was pretty much left behind on my trip up Scafell today too :(

  3. what a beautiful place for exploration and wandering! this would be perfect for a wilderness photo shoot. =)

  4. Joy - My trouble is I keep stopping to take photos!

    Lucy - how was scarfell? We should be doing it in may. Tell all please.

    Hope - I will try outdoor shoots as the weather gets better. I've sorted the tripod out ready.

    X x

  5. Great photos it looks lovely

  6. Hi my dear-sounds like a wonderful time and great photos too-Happy Mothers Day xxx

  7. i haven't been on a country walk for ages. living in london means i only ever really get to walk along the river but i do enjoy it. the pictures of the men getting further away from you made me laugh

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  8. sweet blog

  9. So funny you were proposed to on a slagheap! I love funny proposal stories!


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