Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Firstly as you know my names not Mary.
That was my Gran.
Scary Mary the kids used to call her because she was missing that switch in your brain (her married name belive it or not!) that stops you saying exactly was you think!
She was quite a character and apparently I can be like her at times.
(Much to the dismay of my children!)

And secondly it doesn't grow silver bells or cockle shells and definitley not pretty maids all in a row.

That said I do like my garden.

I've never been green fingered so to speak but tried really hard last year and grew masses of flowers and veg. So this year I am doing the same, even if I did plant my seeds a little late.

In true frugal style I brought my seeds last year when they were reduced to half price and even had compost left to use as well. I didn't even need the seed trays as they were recycled also.

This year I am growing;

Busy Lizzies - mothers day gift

Tumbling tomatoes just starting to grow.

Sweet corn and butternut squash.
Very tiny signs of green starting to break through.

More courgettes growing.

Pansies and more Busy lizzies

Tomatoes breaking through.

Two types of Lobelia for my pots and baskets

I have also got planted, potatoes, carrots, salad leaves and beetroot.

Granted I still have a way to go but I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of my labour.

The garden is looking nice too.

The grass has been cut three times so no longer resembles a bad hair cut!
And the borders are filling out.

I still have weeding to do and a few corners to tidy but overall it's not bad.

Hubby has the pond to sort over the weekend as it is looking very green due to the sun!
Not that I'm knocking the sun at all!

Even Whiskas has been enjoying the sun.

Nothing beats a good old cat nap!

Snuggled in the bushes.
Although he wasn't too impressed with his photo being taken as you can tell.

What you woke me up for eh?!

Bless him.

My outfit today is casual until I have to deliver a few training sessions later.

Dress - Asda
 This dress is a favourite rinse and repeat one as it is so comfy.

And I do love a good bow.

Belt - gifted.
Excuse how big my hips look!
The shoes are again very old. I may have masses but they do last me a long time.

Wedge shoes at least 5 years old if not older.
And you can't beat a few sparkles.

Shoes - Bay Trading
So what are your plans over the Bank Holiday weekend?
Are you off any where nice or just chilling at home?
I'd love to know.
(Shows how nosey I am!)

X x


  1. Oh I do like your dress looks fab and your cat is sooo cute.

    Not sure what we are doing as yet I just hope the weather is good xx

  2. I have incredible garden envy!

  3. Firstly, LOVE the dress, it looks fab with the bow belt (that in no way makes your hips look big)
    Secondly - Whiskas is just too cute... I have so many photos of my two curled up sleeping in a shrub... (my neighbor hates it when they do that, but then she is a witch).
    And lastly, I'm growing veg from seed this year too - its so exciting when the shoots start to appear. I bet they will taste all the better for being hand reared too :O)

  4. Oh my word, how cute is Whiskas?! Lovely photos :)

    I'm well impressed with all your seedlings. I have no gardening ability whatsoever and am restricted to edging the lawn.

  5. this dress is very cute! and have had a cat like that. :)

  6. Seed update - they are growing like crazy in this beautiful sun.

    As for the garden well still loads to do but I'm hoping to make a real dent in it over the next few days. Hopefully an update to follow.

    I love this dress it's so comfy. As for Whiskas, well he can be found asleep under the nearest shrub! Bless him.

    X x


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