Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Not home alone, but more like hotel alone! Again!

Yet again I am away from home.
All alone!

Ah, feel sorry for me please.

I actually am alone, as everyone else from my course are all in other hotels.
It's that busy that we have had to spread across three different ones.

And I have had to nip off to another hotel to meet up for a drink and dinner.

As it has been a day of practicing a presentation we have to deliver to the board tomorrow it has been chilled attire.

The outfit of the day has looked as such;

Thrifted top

Jeans ASOS
Simple silver jewellry

And of course I have to show the shoes;

Gift from my youngest daughter

Shoes - River Island

These were a fanastic birthday gift from my youngest last year.
Bless her she spend her saved pocket money to get them and in true River Island fashion they were a very high price!
I do love them though and don't wear them anywhere nearly as much as I would like to.

The hotel is nice enough,

A desk to do my emails.

Tea and coffee on tap.

Cute little shower cap and sewing set.

And a pretty view from the window.

Now after a very big meal of pork pie and pineapple chutney starter, BBQ chicken main and fudge cake and cream for pudding I am fit to burst!

It has been a very exciting evening and fitting end to a course with some great friends.
I shall tell you all tomorrow as I shall have hopefully some photos to share to.

Now I'm off to get some sleep and practice my part for the presentation yet again.

With a little night cap of course.

Wish me luck.

X x


  1. Nice outfit and good luck with the presentation I am sure you will be great.

    I could never do a presentation in front of loads of people so I admire that you have the confidence to do this xx

  2. Good luck with the presentation - what a lovely daughter buying you shoes!

  3. Fab shoes, what a sweetheart!

  4. Hi my dear-such a casual chic look and the shoes are just gorgeous xx


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