Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

Yet again another week has flown past and whilst it may have been a short working week it has been a very busy one too!

Heres a quick recap on my week.

The Good

The Royal Wedding.
What's not to love? A true fairytale day with lots of people getting together and enjoying the day.

A day with my two princesses.
Creating yet again another memory I will cherish.

Walks in the sunshine.
Long walks with my hubby, all good training for the Three Peaks but above all enjoying each others company.

Completing Snowdon in Three hours 38 minutes!

Enjoying the beautiful sights of carpets of Bluebells not only in the Malverns but in the forests too.

Enjoying a very surreal service at 6am on  the top of the Wrekin.
(whilst cooking bacon sarnies!)


The Bad

Still Missing my mom!

The Ugly

Denting hubby's car!
Would you believe it?! It even has sensors on the back but my foot completely slipped and I hit a post.
I was gutted but as  usual hubby was my knight in shining amour.
"It's only a car." was his response yet I knew he was gutted too!

Having a vent in my local supermarket.
Bad pricing is a habit in our local supermarket and after being called a liar after I queried a price I was none too impressed! A talk with the manager quoting the TDA and querying the stores training policy was enough to see I meant business. A letter to the managing director is winging its way as we speak.

If I'm honest this weeks highs have well and truly out weighed the lows.

It has been a fantastic week with the family and I hope next week will be more of the same, minus the bad bits obviously!
(Even better knowing I have yet again an extra day off!)

What has your week been like?

X x


  1. watching the wedding was definitely one of the high points of my weekend, was so lovely!!! I hope you get the car sorted, once my mum reversed the car into a tree and dented it, dad wasn't too impressed lol!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. Oh it sounds like a perfect week! I'm so impressed with your Snowdon time.

    Never mind about the car - a dent is only a dent. As long as you've not actually broken anything, what's the point in worrying?

  3. The wedding was beautiful wasn't it? It's a shame about the car but you're ok, no one was hurt and it can be fixed (I know that won't help you feel better but your Knight in Shining Armour is right - it is only a car.
    Bad service is a huge bug bare of mine - if we don't make ourselves heard then nothing will change.
    Bluebells and bacon sarnies? Perfect!

  4. Snowdonia- shudder! I climbed it last August bank holiday in the rain- it was all slidy which I didn't like and freeezing! But luckily there was that wonderful train and a warm cafe to resuscitate and carry me back down! Did you climb down too?

  5. Yes Kezzie the 3 hours and 38 minutes was up and down! You can understand why I was pleased with myself! Off to climb it again tomorrow with a group who are also doing the Three Peaks. Meant to rain as well! Not good!

    X x


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