Sunday, 31 July 2011

Finally a day off!

Good grief what a week!

Thankfully I finally have today off and I didn't surface out of bed until 12 o'clock.
(Terrible I know!)

After crazy hours at work last night saw us dancing the hours away at hubbies leaving do.

Heres what I wore;
Asos dress

And of course a pair of new shoes had to come out to play!
Shoes - Top Shop

And yes I danced all night in theses babies!

They gave him a cake and prezzies to.
It truly was a fab evening bless them.

As for today well we are chilling with pimms;

And I have made a yummy pudding for after our roast;
Yummy strawberry Pavlova

I really have to stop playing with my camera settings!

What has your week been like?

Apologies if I haven't managed to visit your blogs, I promise this week will be back to normal.

X x


  1. hi love the dress it loks very flattering on you it looks lovely. Sounds like a good do and cake looks very good too.
    I am very impressed with your strawberry creation.
    Love the shoes. I like heels on other people and I know I am very sad but I have never ever owned or worn a pair of heels (I know!!).Enjoy your strawberry ness !x

  2. You look absolutely stunning, Trayci. That dress is perfect on you, it does wonders for your figure.
    Topshop shoes are riduculously comfy, well worth the expense. x

  3. Swit swoo! That's a proper va-va-voom sort of dress! Much lust for the shoes too. They are truly wonderful.

    Is Andy moving onwards and upwards?

  4. Fits like a glove bet hubby was proud of you.You must show us a pick of all these shoes you have you shoe addict you lol

  5. Lovely dress on you and those shoes are gorgeous.

    The cake looks lovely too x

  6. swow that dress looks great! and the shoes!, love what you did with the photos, i must figure out how to do that....

  7. that dress really suits you and such fun shoes! I am deeply in awe of that amazing looking pavlova.

  8. You. Look. Fab-u-lous! Love it (and don't even get me started on the shoes...)
    As for Pimms and strawberry pavlova - yes please!

  9. Wow, those shoes are AMAZING! (I wouldn't last 5 mins in them though, sadly!)

  10. How beautiful you look in that dress.

    Please don't apologize for not visiting our blogs- no need to feel guilty- let's keep our bloggy life a pleasure not work. It looks like you enjoyed a wonderful evening- cheers to that! xo. -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  11. Love the shape of that dress! Hope the party was good :) That pavlova would make a good wedding cake! x

  12. I recognised those toppers shoes as soon as I saw them - they're awesome aren't they!? Gorgeous. As are you - you look amazing in that dress!

  13. Bless you! Thanks Llara..

    The shoes are so comfy.

    X x

  14. Gorgeous shoes! Amazing dress!! You look fab!! Great blog!!
    If you want we can follow each other! Have a magic day!!


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