Friday, 22 July 2011

Integrity – Doing the right thing even when no one is watching!

As my work career has progressed over the years so has my skill base and I’d like to think that I have developed skills that make me a good manager of people.

From a family point of view I know it has been important to me for my girls to see that I can balance work and home life, but also understand that the challenges work provides me with ensures I am a better all rounded mom too!
One of those key skills needed for work and home has been integrity.

A skill that as a youngster was lacking somewhat!

We all loved a good old he said, she said natter I’m sure as a teenager, even into adulthood. But the older you get you realise that it is a key trait that everyone should possess.

While away at a meeting recently someone was asked what integrity meant to them and the answer as the title says was;
“Doing the right thing even when no one is watching!”
How cleaver an answer is that!
So that got me thinking. What do we cut corners on when no one is around to see?
From a work point of view the answer would be nothing, everything is done regardless! To have a job is a great thing in this current climate so to keep it is key!
But what about home?
(No Judging Please!)
  • I have been known to dust around things as a quick fix,
  • I won't was things after one wear if not dirty,
  • I have been known to fib about an illness or two for my children when they really hated games!
So nothing that in my eyes is too bad and some even to do my bit for the planet.
Dare you share your integrity issues?
Go on, I dare you!!

X x


  1. I was quite impressed with myself the other day - I bought a train ticket for a short journey knowing full well that nobody would check it at either station or on the train itself. I'm such a law abiding citizen.

    I hardly ever wash things after one wear so please don't feel bad about that! It's shockingly bad for the environment (not to mention your water and electricity bills) to constantly be washing stuff. If my clothes don't smell or aren't dirty then they get aired on a hanger overnight and go back in the wardrobe in the morning.

  2. Apart from underwear and socks I never wash things after one wear unless I've spilt something on them!

    I'm sure I have loads of slovenly habits - eating soup out of the pan, washing up a couple of bits under a running tap rather than fill the bowl, hoovering the dust off surfaces rather than actually dusting!!

  3. You have both made me feel so much better, thank you.

    X x

  4. I wouldn't even start to tell you how slovenly my housekeeping habits are. x

  5. I must admit I am not a clean freak but I do like things put away and in their place.

    Hubby is a nightmare as he leaves his trainers just in the kitchen and his coat over the chair and things like that bug me!

    I have left an award on my blog for you xx

  6. I don't wash my clothes after one wear either. In addition to the environmental issue and saving money on your electricity bill, I think clothes look newer for longer the less they are washed! (Well that's what I'll keep telling myself to keep that washing basket down!)

    I have to admit that I used to have a terrible habit. I used to smoke (I am just past the six months off them mark!) and although I would NEVER EVER drop litter in the street, I wouldn't think anything about dropping my cigarette butt! Where is the logic in that?! Terrible! x


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