Saturday, 16 July 2011

Wet And Wild! (Not In A Good Way Either!!)


Yesterday was, the day from HELL!

It started fine, other than the usual fight to get Ashleigh Mae out of the pit that is her bed!

Off I went to a meeting and before I went to the next one I happened to pop home to peg out my washing I had put on earlier that morning.

After walking into a quite house, which is a rare treat, I heard a water noise.
Something was leaking water.
So being the inspector Clouseau that I am I started to investigate.

First I pulled out the fridge.

But all seemed fine.

Next the dishwasher and the noise seemed louder.

So I then pulled out the washing machine to see water spurting from the inlet hose of the dishwasher.

That washing machine is SOOOOO Heavy!

I edged to look closer, somehow managed to move the hose and water was pouring all over the floor!

Tiny gaps to work round.
Now I know where the stop cock is but do you think it would turn?

Bloody typical Eh!

I turned to my father in law for help, yelling down the phone...

"Help, quick, water everywhere, Don't know what to do!!"

Bless him he was with me in a jiffy, Squeezed himself into very small spaces to change the hose and left me to sort the mess I had caused.

What a mess!

Now we have to wait and see how the wooden flooring drys out and if it's going to smell.


X x


  1. aww poor you what a nightmare.

    Glad your father in law was on hand.

    I hope the flooring is ok xx

  2. Hi I hope your floor is ok , its so annoying when things like this happen.
    Had a great time at the film. It was good very funny and I guess you could say rather naughty !
    We sat in the big seats at the back too much more comfy
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  3. Gosh, you lead an incredibly hectic life, that's for sure!

    x Michelle |

  4. Thank goodness for your F-I-L! Hope it all dries out. We were thinking of renaming our house Noah's Ark last year we had that many leaks! x

  5. good luck on the healthy eating too. You know where I am if you need blogger support !x

  6. Oh no! Might it be worth hiring a dehumidifier? It looks set to rain all week so it should help in terms of drying things out quickly and hopefully stop any mould/smell developing.

  7. Oh no what a to do! Hopefully everything is dried out now!

  8. Thanks everyone. It seems to be drying ok, fingers crossed!

    Alex, that's a great idea. I may look into that tomorrow. Missed your posts this week Hun. Hope your ok.

    X x

  9. Oh no what a disaster! I hope that it is all okay and there isn't too much damage.

  10. Oh bums, hope it doesn't mess up your kitchen too much. Impressed you know where your stop-cock is though!

    (ps. Have only just realised you follow my blog, thank you. For some reason you don't show up on GFC)

  11. gaaaaah! why do these things have to happen! Hurrah for Father-in-law!

  12. Oh no - so much for 'just popping home'! Good job you did though! Hope it's drying out OK! x

  13. Oh what a nuisance! We had to get a new washer a couple of months ago and they are insanely heavy!


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