Saturday, 31 December 2011

Chillin Out..

Thats exactly what I'm doing....Chilling....

And heres the outfit of choice to do just that;
Shirt - thrifted (mens Top Shop)
Top - Old Navy
Jeans - ASOS
Shoes - New Look.

Nothing fancy, 

Scarf - Thrifted
Earrings -  Purchased from America.

Just comfy and casual.

That is until the dress up for this evening.

What ever you are up to this new years eve may I take this opportunity to say thanks for your support during 2011 and wish you all a very happy and joyous 2012.
X x


  1. wishing you a great new year. Thanks for being a great bloggy mate x x x

  2. This might actually be my favourite outfit on you ever; so relaxed!

    Wishing you a magical 2012 x

  3. Happy New Year! Hope you have a great time...


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