Monday, 16 January 2012

Just Another Day At The Office.

Yes thats exactly what it is.

Another day at the office, to which I wore this.
Jacket - Dorothy perkins
Dress - ASOS
Tights - ASOS

Scarf - Trifted

Shoes - Adapted by eldest daughter for me.

Again just normal work attire but I did promise to share.

X x


  1. Looking great! Love the banner quote!

  2. Love love love both the scarf and the shoes x

  3. very smart, love the tights and lovely scarf x

  4. WOW those tights and shoes are so wonderful!!!! I love them!

    I am your new follower! I hope to hear back from you on my blog :D

    love, polly
    the littlest polly
    Paulie Antiques

  5. Hi polly. Welcome. Just off to check out your blog.

    X x


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