Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Birthday Bash!

Have you every had a house full of teenagers?

Can you imagine?

Well welcome to my home!

Last night saw Ashleigh celebrating her birthday with approximately 30 of her friends.

We were banished to the bedroom, (slight role reversal going on I feel!) as they partied the night away.

The theme was Alice in wonderland, so heres what the food looked like:
The whole table had the theme full of sweet treats in vintage cups and cake stands

As for my sweet 16 well her outfit was a modern twist on Alices look.
She even stole my shoes for the occasion!

I think she looked stunning, mind you her funky hair shot made me giggle more.

It was worth the silly look as her hair looked fab.

Her best friend decided to be the cheshire cat.

And even though she didn't what a big birthday cake she was still pleased with a home made version from her big sis.

Most of them went home by 1am leaving 8 staying over and this morning they treated us to a yummy breakfast and tidied the house, bless em!

Strange to think this may well be her last birthday party at home.

X x


  1. that looked like a fun night! Ashleigh looks lovely! X

  2. She's absolutely gorgeous! Love the Alice theme and the sweeties in cups (yum). You can't say fairer than a tidy house and breakfast afterwards now can you, she sounds like an ideal daughter xx

  3. Great job here. i love it all.

  4. What a pretty girl! I love Ashleigh and her friend's outfits and the spread you provided is absolutely brilliant. x


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