Monday, 12 December 2011

Thankfully A Day Off.

Last week was such a long one and I was so glad to know that I at least had today off.

No lie in for me mind. I had to take Ashleigh to school as I needed to see her teacher, then the car is booked in for a service, new brakes, brake fluid and mot! Not at all looking forward to that bill I can tell you. ( I'm guessing either £500 or £800! Gulp!)

Then bus home, which is really weired for me. Not going to linger in town as I have all the Christmas presents and with that bill coming I can't afford to spend anything else.

As for the outfit well it's warm and cosy.
Scarf - Thrifted
Long sleeve top - Old Navy
Jumper - Years old!
Jeans - ASOS (years old!)

 Layering is definitely the name of the game to keep me snug and warm.

Boots - Dorothy Perkins

They look so ugly from this angle but are very comfy.
I had so many parcels to post this morning and waited patiently in the queue only for the entire system to go off when it got to my turn! Bummer! 

Never mind I'm hoping to be able to post them on route to get the car after my second bus journey of the day!

Happy Monday folks.

X x


  1. That scarf is fabulous!!!! I am lusting!!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am enjoying catching up with your posts.

  3. how frustrating about the post office. love your layered look, very cosy!

  4. Amazing shots i find here.

  5. your scarf = awesome!
    your shoes = adorable!
    the wash on your jeans = cute!

    love, jamie


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