Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

This week has been a very busy one, seeing me work 6 days!

Thank the lord I have a day to chill tomorrow!

Heres my highlights;

The Good

Feeling a little more in the Christmas spirt.

Not too sure why but it's not felt too Christmassy. This may be due to the weather, last year we were snowed under (not that I want that whilst I'm traveling all over!) or it could be that I've not had time to soak up the season. So this week I've made a point of listening to the Christmas songs, watched a few Christmas films and decorated the house even more.

The Bad

Finding out my job changes next year.

I really love my job even though I have to travel miles and whilst I knew it was only seconded for 12 months it's still upsetting to know I have to hand the role back. The only good thing about it is I've been given a fantastic opportunity to work both field based and at head office helping write and create the training plans for the whole of retail! Blimey it's a little scary too!

The Ugly

My speed awareness letter is here!

I've finally had the letter about my course. Not only do I have to pay £80 but I have to attend a 4 hour course too. Yes it is my own fault but I'm still allowed to be cheesed off over it! Looks like I wont have to do it until the new year now.

So how's your week been?

X x


  1. I hate getting caught for speeding!! Grrrrr.
    Working 6 days must be the pits. :(
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Working 6 days...argghhhhh! xx

  3. how can you cope with a 6 day working week! X

  4. Not very well char! I'm knackered and it starts all over again tomorrow!

    X x

  5. boo for the speeding fine and course. I don't know how you can bear working 6 days. 5 is more than enough for me :/

  6. awesome! loving your blog, so keep it up and i'll be back!


  7. *pokes out tongue* to fines, courses and things you love coming to an end...

    Only 13 sleeps until Christmas! OK, so it's hectic madness but it's fun!

  8. 6 days work? Eeekkk! Thank goodness those days are long behind me! x


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