Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Price Of Not Looking Like A Yeti!

As I have quite a few functions over the next few weeks and also the fact that I have not kept up with new growth I ventured this morning to get my eyebrows waxed.

I haven't had them done since September so they were looking terrible to say the least and I popped into a local salon to see if I could have them done there and then. The good news was that I could and I now look like a normal female rather than a prehistoric one! The bad news, for me anyway, was it cost me £12.50!
Please excuse the poor quality photo!

Now is it me or is that a real rip off? The last time I had them threaded it was £6 and the last waxing was around the same price.

I'm consoling myself with the fact I now look more lady like than Yeti and have made a mental note to not return to said salon!

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  1. that does seem crazy expensive.

    I am a human yeti; I swear...some of the meds I have to take don't help. I resort to DIY waxing, I can't afford salon rates!

  2. That is expensive! I stretch out my appointments as long as possible and use the tweezers in between. I've found I need to let things "grow out a bit" before the waxing otherwise the job isn't done properly.

  3. Hi my dear! You look lovely as usual and I've just caught up on the New York photos too, absolutely amazing and those views from the Empire State building are stunning! Have a great week ahead xxx

  4. Fab picture. I've always plucked my own eyebrows although I'll occasionally have them threaded when I'm in India for around 50p.
    My nearest Asian salon charges £3 for threading. Maybe you should shop around for a better deal. x

  5. Funny post and great photo xx


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