Monday, 19 December 2011

Forget Dec The Halls, Sparkle Me Instead!

Ok so over the week end we had the second and third of our Christmas do's.

As I see a few of the same people at each of these functions I can't turn up in the same frock.
(Any excuse you might be thinking, however I am lucky enough to have quite a selection of party frocks)

Heres my outfit for the first festive shindig of the weekend;
Dress - ASOS purchased last year

The dress dips at the back saving your modesty should you need to bend over!

The skirt part drapes up and down.

I was called the lady in red for the entire evening.

Shoes - New Look, years old.

It doesn't help that our company colour is also red but I do love it so I didn't mind too much.

The second outfit was this:
Dress - Asda purchased a few years ago

It drapes at the front.

It was a real bargain.  Lovely velvet and cost a whole £4 in one of the mad sales they have.

A simple dress but accessorised with killer heels.

Shoes - Office, a gift from hubby. Bless him.

I adore the detailing on these shoes.
These are a pair of my favourite shoes.

Thankfully after a few drinks you forget your feet hurt until the following morning when you can't quite walk!
(And trust me on Sunday morning I couldn't face a pair of high heels!)

Still one more do to go and then I can rest my achy feet for a while.

How have your festivities gone?


  1. These outfits are just incredible! I love those New Look shoes! x

  2. What fab dresses and those red heels are just amazing. x

  3. Hi love the outfits. I love the shade & love the velvety dress especially. The shoes are are very nice. I have never worn heels before! Maybe one day x x

  4. i love your dresses! they are festive and perfect for the holidays <3 and your shoes?! perfection, also!

    love, jamie

  5. oh wow! I love the dress from Asda! and that ring!! fab.
    We are going out to a Christmas do tonight for the Estate hubs does a lot of work for. Free bar all night...oh dear.... i'm wearing a black dress and i'm thinking mustard tights but not sure....!


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