Wednesday, 14 December 2011

If You Listen Carefully You Can Hear My Heart Braking!

This morning we had a huge shock.

But things could always worse!

My beautiful youngest daughter mutilated her body by having a neck piercing done.

In fact it has been done for almost a week and I only found out as she had her passport and I questioned why.

What followed was an almighty row, she said many hurtful things so out of character for her, leaving me hurt and upset.
It looks sore and horrid!

I took the picture to show her just how nasty it looked!

Her sister is now calling her Frank, as in Frankenstein! 

I do know its not the end of the word and things could be much worse.

That said I can't understand why she would want to do that to her body.

After research it seems that most of these piecing don't take and that they either react badly or your body tries to push them out threw your skin, what a horrible thought!
Anyone any advice on them?

I shall get over it and it will I am sure be a faze she grows out.

(So much for the stunning evening dress eh!)

X x


  1. Ugh! :( So sorry... hopefully your daughter will grow up a bit & take it out in time. How old is she? Do they not have to be a certain age for peircings without parental approval? I'd not be happy either if any of my kids came home with body peircings...

  2. Hi sweetie
    Sometimes things like this happen agaainst our wishes. Its against our wishes because they know we would never agree to it. I know exactly how you feel & as you know have cried many a time what with dd tatoos.
    I reckon once the novelty has worn of for her she will take them out. Try not to be too upset, at least when they come out (and they will in the not to distant future maybe sooner)There will be no sign that they were ever there just baby soft skin. I think sometimes when friends etc or people they know are having these things done it does not help. X X X things they put us through. Take care

  3. My Dad didn't speak to me for a week after I got my first tattoo,

  4. Oh Trayci! So sorry you're having a tough time. My sister got her wrist pierced AND has this neck thing too. Hers actually looks quite pretty, but the wrist ones really turn my stomach.
    At least when your daughter has her hair down, you won't notice it and it IS less permanent than a tattoo. But I suppose the hurtful thing is the secrecy really. I'm sure she only said hurtful things to you as she was on the defensive having been caught red handed.
    I think these things are always more shocking to the next generation up though. Unfortunately I don't think teenagers think it is a big deal.

    Hope things are better soon.

    PS your lovely gifts turned up today- thank you so much, you are way too generous! I posted yours today but forgot the decoration!!!! So you will get 2 parcels this week instead :)

    xxx Maddie

  5. Oh goodness what a shock! I'm sure I'd feel just as horrified by that if it was me and so sorry there was a horrible discussion about it- I think as Maddie mentioned, it's probably her desperately being defensive.
    Take care x

  6. my friend had a similar piercing in her neck but within a couple of weeks they started to fall out. not great X

  7. Ouch I got to admit I am not keen on piercing except ears and maybe belly button. I can imagine your shock lol xx

  8. Hi Trayci

    Of course I don't mind you doing the tag xx

  9. Aw mama, it could be could have been her chin/nose/eyebrows!..It's nice to see that she's into expressing herself creatively though :D Plus, her hair could always cover it up!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    p.s. Giveaway on my blog- Enter to win a FREE pair of shoes!!

  10. I had an awful row with my 14-year-old daughter who dais some dreadful things to my husband which made things an awful lot worse.
    As everyone has said - the piercing can be hidden - maybe that is why she did it - to shock but knowing full well it could be hidden.

  11. Teenage rebellion, eh? I was just as bad.x

  12. Hi there-ah had exactly the same sort of thing with my oldest, he has ear stretchers, ear tendon piercing and did have two lip piercings which (thankfully) he took out a few months ago. He did have them done with our knowledge, but not exactly a blessing. I reckon they are all phases and when they are ready they'll soon get rid. His friend had the back of her legs done as criss cross stockings in piercings, I saw the pics and nearly fainted-she ended up in hospital for over a week very ill as she got poisoned and of course they had to come out-I suppose we are lucky we've not had to go through that, but piercings are something I'd rather my boys didn't have though xxx

  13. Time will see the end of it one way or another, she'll either tire of it or it won't take. I had my nose pierced at 19, it was an expression. Nothing more. It'll all come right in the end x

  14. My dad went absolutely mental when I had my belly button done years ago (at 17). I have to admit I don't like the neck piercing much aesthetically but maybe that was how my dad saw the belly button piercing. It will heal fine I'm sure if she gets bored of it, but if wants to keep it obviously make sure she keeps it clean, it will soon look less manky! (At least it's not a tattoo, I'm not anti tattoos but very very rarely do I see one I think looks good)

  15. ooooo it looks sore. At least her hair will hide it!


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