Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Perfect Christmas Day Outfit. Do You Have It Yet?

Before I ask the question here todays outfit.
 A casual one with flat shoes.
(my feet are still recovering from a weekend of dancing!)

Top - Primark
Waistcoat - Topshop (thrifted)
Trousers - Pull and Bear
Of course being Christmas I had to have a few sparkles!

Loads of sequins on the waistcoat.

Shoes - Old navy.
Vey comfy and shiny too.

Now heres where I need a little advise.

A tradition we always had as a child was the new outfit for Christmas day and this is one my girls have also taken to quite well!

However with being frugal this Christmas I have been a little discouraged from buying something new.

I have scoured the charity shops incase I found something not new, but new to me, however no luck.

So now I  am stuck with what to do.

Do I shop my own wardrobe?

Or say sod it and buy a new outfit?

Whats your thoughts?

And can I just say that for me jeans are banned on Christmas day!

X x

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  1. oohhh Christmas sparkle - love!

    I say shop your wardrobe. I'm trying to do this (sometimes it works, other times the lure of the new purchase proves too much to ignore!) but I have found some fabulous long forgotten items that I can style with newer things form my wardrobe.

    Hope you find something perfect either way.


  2. The Guardian's Jess Cartner Morley suggested stick to an old dress but use accessories to dress for Christmas this year.
    Worth as try?

  3. I'd never buy something new for an occasion, far better to shop your wardrobe and wear something you love already. x

  4. Love your vest and your shoes!!

    Kisses Anne


  5. don't buy anything new! Def find somthing you own already and weaar it in a new way, eg a dress with a skirt on top or a dress with a top on top. And add bling!

  6. Yup, I agree with Sophie and Vix, shop your wardrobe and perhaps wear different accessories than you normally would.

  7. To be honest I am just going to wear something I have in the wardrobe but then again I do have loads in my wardrobe lol xx

  8. i have never bought anything new for xmas day! in fact last year i wore the pj's my sis bought me, and dressed them up with a necklace my mum bought me :):)

  9. I'm a firm believer in saving money if need be, so I say shop your own wardrobe. :)

    I love that sequined vest. xoxo

  10. Hi love the sparkles. I say shop the wardrobe to you have many lovely clothes. I know you have a frugal streak to & I think you will be pleased to save the pennies to. You will look lovely in whatever you pick to wear.
    x x


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