Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Feeling Merry....

Don't worry, Merry isn't a strange blokes name!

The only person I'm feeling up is my hubby...

I refer to feeling in the Christmas spirit, rather than drinking masses of them!
(although after all the do's I've been on I think I may have covered this angle as well.)

It may be that last week saw the key day for us all to get into the Christmas spirt but for me the closer I get the more excited I do to.

I can only think I am a three year old inside.

It's not that I long for gifts, as for me this giving the biggest part, but also the sense of family along with the whole religious piece that goes with it.

The Christmas day menu has been set, all thats left for me to do now is sort the place setting gifts.

So today I have spent part of the day attending the christmas Eucharist at my youngest school church, working from hubby's store and sorting the last few items for santa.

And of course all of this requires an outfit suitable, so today this was what I wore;
Top - H&M years old
Skirt - Trifted
Shoes - New Look

Suitable enough to still pop into work and with a little bit of Christmas sparkle too, (Sequins shoulders!) as well as not embarrassing my youngest either. 
(Thankfully we are now on slightly better terms! It would of course be even better if she didn't resemble
I did add a chunky jumper for the church service as its a very old building which is rather chilly and a neat black jacket to make it smarter for work.

A huge thank you for all your advice ref Christmas day outfits. I shall be shopping my own wardrobe as like many of you said I have lots of things I could wear and will be very chuffed not to have spent any money!

So are you all ready for the big day?


  1. I am extremely excited for christmas! love the practical yet stylish outfit choice X

  2. I'm with you in feeling like an excited child! Our xmas prep is on track and I feel ready for everything this year.

  3. Love the touch of sparkle!
    I'm just about ready for Christmas, I just need to clean the house from top to bottom before the onslaught of family. It's my first Christmas playing hostess which feels me with a mixture of trepidation and excitement...
    Hope you have a fabulous Christmas x


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