Tuesday, 6 December 2011

New York review Part 2!

Oh yes there is even more!

Saturday saw us hitting the shops for Ashleigh to spend her birthday money.

No New York trip is complete without a trip to Macy's which looks fantastic.

The windows looked great.

All done up for christmas.

The trees were amazing and will all be auctioned off.

(If anyone else travels and intends to spend in Macys or Bloomingdales don't forget you can get 10% off all your purchases just by showing id at the customer services and getting a discount card)

Ashleigh even got her prom dress, in which she looks stunning.
(It is under wraps until next year though, sorry!)

We had to visit the M & M shop of course,

And we even saw a coffee shop named after hubby!

Ashleigh chose for us to have a caricature done. The lady drawing it was so good.

I shall save the finished version till a later date!

And of course no day would be complete with out the huge burger meal.

X x


  1. I wish I liked M&Ms to truly appreciate the amazingness of that shop! :( X

  2. OMG I have to go to Macy's when I go to New York and that food...so much of it...yum yum xx

  3. it looks amazing!!! Looking forward to seeing the finished caricature picture x


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