Thursday, 15 December 2011

Dwell Not! Focus On The Happy Things.

It's been an emotional 48 hours but when everything is said and done things could be much worse. So I'm moving on so to speak. Not dwelling on being hurt and upset but instead focusing on all the good things.

I've been a busy bee posting gifts and cards to loved ones. (how busy is the post office?! But at least the system was working today.) Planning a route in order to see all of my managers before Christmas as well as booking meetings in ready for my new role in February.

As for today well I'm off on a two day meeting, so yep I'm away for the evening again!

This time I'm staying here;

I've never stayed here before but all of the executives love it so it can't be bad!
(Famous last words eh!)

And tomorrow after a mornings meeting were off for lunch and a game of bowling.

So I'll be swopping these:
Ok not exactly these but a pair of heel of some sort!

For these!
Sexy Eh?!

How's your week panning out?

X x


  1. I love those bowling shoes they are soo cute! I'd totally wear them with jeans!!


  2. post offices at this time of the year scare tip; go during a hail storm ;)

  3. The next couple of weeks I'm bogged down with finals and I need to buy my mom her Christmas gift real soon! Those bowling shoes are cute!

  4. hope you're ok hun x
    Bowling shoes are scary, like clown shoes!

  5. Cool and chic at the same time how you did it!

  6. Great week - just finished work as the students left today. Off now until January 4th.


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