Friday, 16 December 2011

Thank Heavens It's Friday.

Cause after Friday comes Saturday and that's my day off!

The hotel last night was really nice. A best western and very comfortable with great food.
The room was huge;
I had my own sofa and chair,

Along with a desk/dressing table.

And a huge bed!
(Excuse the poor quality of the photos, I took them using my phone)

Even the bathroom was huge.

And I always love the little soaps etc;
The saying on these are great.
They say:The cure for a bad hair day (shampoo), Stylish? no. But it keeps for hair dry! (shower cap), wash your care away (shower gel) 

As if!

The pad says: Blank canvas... go on you know you want to!
And the pen says: do - oodles of doodles

How funny!
"So nice you'll want to steal two!"
I think thats aimed at us frugal folk!

Bless you!

Thats me to a tea!

Our meal this lunch time was at a local pub and I ate far too much!

We then had two games of bowling before all going our different ways.

We also came away with our secret Santa gifts.
(photo to follow)

I wonder what it might be?

As it was a casual day I was adorned in jeans, boots (heeled of course!) jumper and scarf.

Thankfully with this bunch of work colleagues no one is too protentious and we all get along well. Part of why I'll miss what I've been doing, even though I will still be attending all the meetings as I will be a key link between retail and head office. (sounds much more important than I am honest!)

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  1. I love going to hotels,not something i can afford to do as much now.Always take the bits left out. My 2 nd job now is cleaning a small hotel and i cant believe how much stuff is left after checkout,it made me think i was the only person who took the soaps,tea, coffee etc.

    If you dont mind me asking who do you work for ?

  2. Those toiletry slogans are fabulous, what a nice touch to cheer up a jaded traveller.
    Those Best Western rooms are huge. x


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