Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The First Shindig Of The Holiday Season.

This evening sees hubby and I off on the first of our festive Christmas works do's. Well to be fair it's hubby second as he got to go out on regional do last week, whilst I had to miss it as I was yet again working miles away. Not that I'm bitter much!

I love the whole getting glammed up and digging out the sparkly shoes and dresses. (which for me isn't hard as I do love a bit of sparkle)

Here's the outfit I went for, after much trying on I must admit!

Excuse the poor photo!
Dress - Purchased from Macy's around 5 years ago 
Call me a little girl but this dress moves so beautifully as you walk and if you twirl it ripples as it moves.

I love the tiny details.

The silk waist band is lovely.
The only new thing about this outfit are the shoes. Fantastic Steve Madden ones purchased whilst in New York. My only real treat.

And I have to say I do love them, dont you?

X x


  1. Hi have a lovely time. The dress is beautifull very pretty. You look great.You have a lovely evening with hubby x x

  2. Love this outfit! The dress really suits you!

  3. that dress is beautiful, you look stunning missy x

  4. absolutely gorgeous shoes! X

  5. That dress is wonderful on you, such a great shape. Love the shoes, too. x

  6. Wow! I have to say you are a lady that knows how to dress up! You look wonderful and those shoes are to die for!
    I love a skirt that swooshes and swirls too - can't get enough of it!

  7. such a festive outfit! all the glitters look so pretty!

  8. Aw you look lovely! Looks like you had a great do!

  9. Beautiful dress, you look wonderful!! the detailing is lovely and those shoes are perfection. thanks for entering the giveaway on my blog, good luck and fingers crossed :D
    Rachel x


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