Wednesday, 28 December 2011

No Sale Shopping For Me!

Hell no!

I have enough of shops as I work in them, so instead yesterday I went for a walk with the in laws and their church friends.

Such a beautiful day for it too.

3 miles we walked, 

Not quite enough to walk off all the food I have eaten, however surely its a start no?

How cute does my father in law look with his trousers tucked into his socks?!

Bless them, they are lovely.

Have you hit the sales?

Or are you avoiding them to?

X x


  1. I did go but only to take my daughter,im not a shopper.i picked up one thing which i reserved that was in the sale.(food processor with Christmas money)
    Lovely pictures

  2. Give me a family walk over sales shopping any day!

  3. i usually do but i'm not this year as i dont need anything so and i dont want to be tempted to spend money 'just because it's cheap'! Looks like a lovely walk :)

  4. I would love to hit the sales but haven't got round to it yet!

  5. Hi lovely way to spend a few hours. Very impressed. I want to get into walking more in the new year too. lovely scenery too x x

  6. I've not been sales shopping either, except 10mins whilst waiting for a train in Carlisle and a browse online at asos- put lots in my basket and then thought better of it and shut the computer down! I'd much prefer a lovely walk- yours sounds wonderful!

  7. Nice pics!

  8. Great post.
    Happy New year!


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