Monday, 5 December 2011

Weekend Workload.

This weekend was a very eventful one to say the least!

However I shall keep that till another time maybe.

Heres just a few things that I did over the weekend.

My very first attempt at jam!
Take 3 packs of berries,

Destalk them

Grate 3 apples,

Add loads of sugar!

And a jamming agent.

Pop into the bread maker,

Leave to cook for almost 2 hours,

Resulting in yummy jam!

Over all I'm really pleased and it tastes yummy so that can't be bad can it?

I also put up one of the Christmas trees and added a few decorations to the house.
First tree now up,

The fireplace is decorated,

The children's favourites are out and about,

Even the tv unit has a sprinkling of Christmas,

Stich wears his santa hat and the cake stand has a few decs too.

And of course no Christmas is complete without the nativity scene!

It's far from finished but at least it feels a little festive now.

The remainder of this week sees me working a six day week (far from ideal, however I shall get an extra day next week.)

Actioning an assessment centre for people wishing to progress in the business.

Running a three day recruitment event far from home, so yes I will be staying away again!

And last but not least attending our first Christmas do! At the Hilton no less.
(That is if I can stay awake after this week!)

Hope your week is a little less hectic than mine and that you are all feeling the festive feeling.

X x


  1. I really love your nativity scene x

  2. Homemade things always taste nicer that jam looks lovely xx

    I love that nativity scene xx

  3. wow i've never made jam! yum!

  4. stitch is the cutest thing ever! X

  5. I'm impressed! looks delish.

  6. Your nativity is absolutely beautiful. We have a teeny tiny one that I think is made from fimo - it's SO small. I love it.

    Also wow to making jam in the breadmaker! I've only attempted making it once and luckily found the world's easiest recipe (basically just bung berries and sugar in the pan and boil for 7 minutes) which worked perfectly!


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