Saturday, 17 December 2011

Freebies And frugality Of The Week.

As you know I had a rather large bill to pay out this week, £432 infact!

So to make me feel better I though a freebies and frugality check was in order.


  • I received a shower efficiency gadget via the post.
  • I received new hair care samples.
  • I also received a free lipstick. (This is the only one I can really put a price on £4)
  • Not forgetting my hotel goodies too.
  • And huge buffet lunch. (lunch £5)

  • Food shopping complete for the next two weeks, a whole £50 for 3 of us! Thanks to meal planning. A saving of £50 if hubby had done it!
  • Wrapping all complete for Christmas using paper from last year. A saving of £15 if not more!
  • All milage claimed. £498 back.
  • All car parking claimed. £25 back.
  • Lunches taken instead of purchased. Saving £9.
  • Free Xmas lunch. Saving £25.
  • Nice meal at hotel all payed by the business. £25.
  • Two games of bowling all paid for by the company. £12
  • Two pairs of tights darned rather than new ones purchased. Saving £12.
Totalling £680

Not a bad saving!

And a good figure to help with the car payment with a little to spare!

X x


  1. Free xmas lunch is always a good thing, I use last yeara wrapping paper and I always buy my xmas cards in the sales xx

  2. It's always great to save money, esp. money we can use for some of our regular expenses.


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