Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Review Time!!!

No not as in the review of a good book, film or fashion show, oh no....

More like end of year work review!

Now I don't feel I should have a bad one because I am extremely proud of all I achieved in my training role over the previous twelve month.  But you always have that unsure feeling don't you?

I'll let you know tomorrow how I got on!

To face the review I dressed as I should, which is very corporately, so heres what I shall be wearing;

Suited and booted, so to speak!
But even though it has been sunny, its freezing hence the scarf!

Straight after my review we are off to see the specialist for Ashleigh's heart.

It has been better however she has still had a few strong heart palpations, so I am eager to hear his thoughts.

Plus it gives Ashleigh chance to quiz him about her career path too!

Bye for now.

X x


  1. Good luck with both reviews! You look fit to face anything dressed like that, the scarf is lovely! x

  2. love it!!

  3. Hope thihgs were ok for Ashleigh and I hope your review went well xx


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