Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Swop Shop....

Can you remember that?

 I used to love it, that and Tiswas.

(hubby wasn't allowed to watch either, poor soul!)

Any how....

Why swop shop?

Well today I have swooped my car!

And this is my new one;

A very nice Honda Accord.

It drives like a dream and gives great MPG, which when you do as many miles as I do is very important.

I must say too that for tea this evening we have had this;
Took with my phone so not the best picture!
Chicken and Chorizo stew.
It mightn't look like much but I can assure you it was super yummy!

I took the recipe from a resent post that Sophie did. 
I added cumin and cinnamon to add a bit more heat and it was scrumptious so that you again Sophie for posting it.

X x


  1. New car looks great.
    Im going to try that recipe,OH doesnt normally like stews but maybe he will be swayed with the chorizo.

    1. It is such a yummy meal, I would recommend it.

      X x

  2. I remember both of those! I watched religiously every weekend. Last week there was a puppy found in a bin on the dual carriage way near us. The guy that found him called him Dusty. I started talking about Ted Rogers and 3-2-1and Dusty Bin. OH just looked at me blankly, i did feel old!

    1. I used to purposely do it wrong as a kid so I could get away with swearing! Naughty child that I was.

      X x

  3. you're the first person who has used a recipe I've blogged, hurrah! Glad you liked it :)
    I like the look of your new car x

  4. We never watched Tiswas, my parents thought ITV was common so it was Noel Edmonds all the way!
    Happy motoring. x

  5. I love chicken and chorizo stew!! I make one with chickpeas in too, so yummy!! I think I posted a recipe a while back for one =)

  6. yey new wheels!! i used to love Swap Shop, was never a Tiz Waz fan!


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