Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sun Shine, Lolly Pops......

Well just sunshine really although I am quite partial to a lolly pop or two.
(or maybe even three!)

Now I adore this weather, it makes me feel so much happier.

The only downside is what to wear to work!

As you know I have to be suited and booted as they say, which can be incredibly boring and when you add glorious sunshine to the mix it creates a real quandary.

So heres what I decides on today;


Nothing too exciting (although it did add a bit of sparkle to boring meetings!) but at least it ticked all the right boxes for all the meetings I had. I added a jacket as the air-conditioning made the offices cold.

How do you deal with the work dress code in this weather?

X x


  1. Well, my studio is always on the cold side, so I wear lovely summer things for my journey but always take a long cardigan with me for when I'm sitting at my desk. Not moving much during the day means I can get pretty chilly.
    Loving the sparkles :)

  2. That top's a beauty and I love yesterday's post with darling Whiskas and his gorgeous Mum! x

  3. Love that top very pretty x


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