Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Whats Lime Green???

No it's not a joke, well my family tell me I can be at time, but I think thats them just being rude if I'm honest!

As the sun was shining today I was able to peg out the washing to dry on the line, a great frugal thing that I love.

And in order to walk on the lawn, not wanting to sink in the grass with my heels I wore my sexy new shoes.

Now you know me and shoes, high and shiny are normally the bill, but not this time.

Oh no, hubby brought me some practical shoes and I just know you are going to be green with envy!

Can you spot them mingling in with the grass?

Look, they are sneaking a peek.

And here they are in full glory.
Told you you'd be jealous!
Lime green plastic clogs which cost a grand total of £3.
Not my normal choice, even if I do love green, but for running into the garden (because I run and frolic in the garden often don't you know!) or watering the plants they are fine.

So thanks hubby your a star, but could I possibly have sexy heels next time?

X x


  1. I have some that are possibly even sexier - dirty white with croc style holes. Also just for the garden (and I didn't buy mine either ;-))

  2. Great colour! Mine are imitation black crocs. Rarely seen anywhere but my garden, unless we're talking about last Tuesday when I accidentially went to work in them after slipping them on to put the rubbish in the bin. A far cry from my normal work attire....

  3. I have a green pair too - from Ikea would you believe!

  4. I love the bright yellow! =)

  5. We'll forgive you as long as you don't combine them with ratty leggings, a crop top and wear them to Asda! x

  6. Those lime green shoes are foxy!xx

  7. omg thoseee are sooo cute!!! and only 3 bucks too???

  8. love the lime clogs!


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