Sunday, 25 March 2012

What A Busy Weekend!

Well my weekend has been soo busy!

Saturday I spent all day at the allotment and out in the sunshine.
Which was amazing.

I hadn't planned ti be out all day, so the remainder of my jobs fell to the way side.
But being in the sunshine won hands down against washing and housework. I wonder why?

Here was the main project whilst we were there;

Our shed.

Which the kids think looks more like a train.

I am so pleased with it.
It even has a cold frame on the back ready for my peppers and aubergines.

I also planted salad leaved, radishes, carrots and parsnips.

As for today well we were at a christening, which was lovely, followed by time with my girls.

But its fair to say I am well and truly knackered now!

X x

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  1. You girls look so pretty in the sunshine! What fab weather for gardening. x


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