Thursday, 8 March 2012

Freebies and Frugality.

It has been such a long time since I did this type of post so felt I really ought to.

Heres what have been on the list of late;

  • Free toothpaste samples received and vouchers. Saving of £5
  • £4 worth of boots vouchers after completing a face wash trial. £4
  • A beautiful R.A.K parcel from the lovely Caroline (A huge thank you again!) Priceless!
  • A few pieces of beautiful jewellery courtesy of my lovely daughter. (Check out lost youth for some fab pieces) Value of £20
  • A free fringe trim. £6  
  • A free eye brow threading. £5
  • Quite a few free lunches. (From buffets at work.) £15
  • I have finally managed to claim my mileage expenses, a whole three week worth. £300
  • Also been able to claim the three weeks parking too. £30
  • Some free garden samples. £6
  • And a money of voucher for gardening products. £2
  • Numerous meals from the items I have rather than buying stuff. £30
  • Packed lunch every day lunch is needed for the past three weeks. Approx. £45
It all adds up to a large amount!
And these are only the things I can remember!

Even my outfit today has a frugal edge.....
Dress - Primark
Jacket - Next
Shoes - Primark

Bracelet - Gift from my daughter from Lost Youth

Well my dress was only a £5!

And I have a free night away tonight too this evening in a Ramada hotel, which has to be classed as frugal.
(As I am away with work again!)
A nice free meal and drink and all my mileage to be calmed for.

So what have you done that has been super frugal?

Or better still what would be the best frugal advice or tip you could give me?

X x

PS. My review went really well, so a huge sigh of relief was had. Even better Ashleigh's appointment went well too. She's at a difficult age for our health system as she is now having to be transferred to the adult department rather than the childs, which always looks funny when you are sat waiting with oap's!

X x


  1. Gorgeous frock and well done on all those freebies! I love that bracelet. I feel Ashleigh's pain, it's bad enough for 45 year-old me sitting with the grannies at hip replacement clinic but at least the news is good! xxx

  2. Wow huge savings! Where do you get all these freebies and trials from? I'd love to take part : )

    Gemma x

  3. Love that dress on you it really suits you xx


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