Friday, 23 March 2012

A Little Giving....

Whilst receiving gifts is all well and good I aways think that to give some one a gift is even better.

Today I received in the post two beautiful bracelets that I ordered via group on for my two nieces birthdays.

They are lovely and sparkle loads.
I am sure they will love them.

I also brought two boxes of heart shaped milk tray, ideal for gifts for two friends birthdays that are coming up. And at only £1.24 it means they can still have something else too.

Have you brought anything nice as a gift of late?

X x


  1. I have been looking for a bracelet like the one you bought ,could I ask where you got them ,love Jan xx

  2. love the sparkles! very pretty! hmm, i bought tons of goodies for my BF's 30th birthday just the other week :) i hope that you are well sweetie!

    love, james

  3. It´s great to see what you are doing in this blog.

  4. those bracelets are gorgeous! x

  5. i bought my mum a ticket to see Jon Armatrading for her birthday she was sooooo excited lol


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