Monday, 17 October 2011


Oh my C day is nearly here!!!!!

I'm so happy I could do a little jig, infact I think I shall.
(You want to be so glad you didn't witness it!)

The wrist is aching like a mofo but I don't even care, well maybe I do a little.
(I am a wuss after all)

So to finish off the count down please find below my 3's, 2's and 1's.

Top 3

Top 3 Foods
  • Cream cakes, any kind I'm not fussy!
  • Scallops, I have never been one for sea food however I adore these.
  • Haribo, ok not exactly a food but yummy all the same.

Top 3 Drinks (you will notice they are all alcoholic, oops!)
  • Pimms, it's not just for summer!
  • Vodka, add a bit of coke and I'm a happy bunny.
  • A good old pint of bitter. (You can take the girl from the black country but you can't take the black country out the girl!)

Top 3 Favourite Places
  • Mexico, after this years holiday I am hooked.
  • Disney, what can I say I am just a big kid!
  • Home, well that is where the heart is after all.

Top 2's

Top 2 Favourite Blogs
Top 2 Hobbies
  • Thrifting, saves the bank balance depleting.
  • Cooking, unfortunately this expands the waistline too!

Top 1
No 1 Thing I am proud of
  • My family. I am without a doubt so proud of my girls and my hubby, all of whom have made me feel so much better about being stuck in this cast.  So to them I say a huge thank you and love you loads.
Thanks for all your cooking and ironing babe x
Thanks for all the help girls, from straightening my hair to emptying the dishwasher x

X x


  1. Thanks for the mention, Hun! I bet you can't wait, you've been far more patient than I would have been. I think Jon was ready to chuck me in the canal after 5 months recuperating from a hip replacement. Stay away from cats in future. xxx

  2. Vodka would be up there in my favourites too! But can I swap the coke for lime and lemonade? mmm

  3. yay for almost getting that cast removed. I love cream cakes but I am pretty fussy..

  4. Love this post! The number one thing I am most proud of is also my family!!

    XOXO – Denise

    PS: I’m having a vintage jewelry/antique tea cup giveaway on my blog!! Come visit and enter to win!

  5. Glad you got some of the boots they were a bargain xx

  6. Hi my dear-what a lovely post, I love Pimms too, the perfect summer and year round tipple!! xx


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