Thursday, 27 October 2011

Away Again!

Yes, yet again I am away from home for work.

This time it is the opening of a new store and I shall be spending the night here,

In the Hilton hotel in Tewksbury.

Yes it may sound all lovely, which of course it is, after all it is the hilton!

However I am such a home pigeon that I always prefer to stay at home if I can.

That said tonight I shall be eating a lovely meal, all paid for by the company, as is the room.

I shall be able to claim back my mileage and I shall be using free toiletries, so from a thrifty point of view not bad at all!

The hotel is fab, as is the room.

Laid out with all the usual;

The obligatory tea tray.

And not forgetting the lush toiletries, which will of course be coming home with me ready for someones hamper. (I actually remember to bring samples with me to use instead, thirty or what!)

Catch you all tomorrow.

X x 


  1. I am a home bird, but wouldn't say no to a night in a gorgeous hotel! Enjoy!

  2. i love hotels! this looks like a lovely place. Why do they usually have shampoo but no conditioner?

  3. Hello there! I am very sorry I haven't read or commented in a while, life is always hectic! It's good you see the positives in having to be away from home but I can imagine you just want to be home with your family! What do you do for a job then that means you are opening a shop? Most intriguing!

  4. Oh wow I Love my home too but at this minute we are in a small cabin in a van park with 5 kids 2 adults and the food we had to pay for sooooo Can I swap please? lol

  5. I love hotels and that one looks lovely xx


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