Friday, 28 October 2011

Tickled Pink!

Tickled Pink is a great fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) which I am sure you will agree is a fantastic cause.

As I was unable to do race for life this year we have been raising funds at work by having pink days, wearing pink (as little or as much as you like) making pink cupcakes to sell and having pink cocktails too.
(all non alcoholic of course!)

And we were also given a few of these too;

And it would have been rude not to eat them, well it is all in a good cause!

Have you been supporting Tickled pink in anyway?

On a funny note I must share the following with you;

Last night as you know I stayed away from home, talk about a catalogue of errors!
Firstly my key didn't work, so after dragging my suitcase to the second floor with my one good hand I had to turn straight round and head immediately back down stairs to get it sorted.  Then I was just stepping out of the shower when my room door opened and a lady walked in.  I don't know who was more shocked me or her, they had made a huge error in giving her the same room number as me.  Then to top it all of my key then no longer worked so I had to get it reset for a second time!  Shocking!!  They did give me two free drinks vouchers but I will be complaining as it was terrible service, not at all what you would expect from the Hilton! It could only happen to me.

Well you have to laugh don't you?!

X x


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Love and lipstick.
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