Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Wrist update!

Today saw me attending my first physio appointment for my wrist.

It is very stiff and sore, as well as weak, which is driving me nuts! 

The physio consisted of.....

Pulling up and Pushing down....

And lots of flexing!

Now I am back home I shall reach for the ice pack,

(aka frozen peas)
 and hopefully reduce the swelling and bruising.

All this from falling over who knew eh!

To keep to my thrifty ways I have had home made soup for lunch, which was yummy if I do say so myself!

Instead of paying £3 to park at the hospital we parked further along for free and walked in, so I even got a little exercise too!

I did however pop into boots for a new blusher as mine has none left at all.  But still I spend no pennies as I used my boots points to pay instead.

So yet again a zero spend day.

X x


  1. Ouch!!! That sounds so painful :( I hope your wrist gets better soon hun!

    xoxo Denise


  2. I love your enthusiasm and even though you are in pain, you are looking at this with some humor and positivism!

  3. I type so much I need to try some of these!

  4. Hope that your wrist heals quickly! Yay on the free blusher! Good stuff! :)

  5. You really are always so optimistic and positive thats what is so lovely about you.

    I wish I was always like that! xx

  6. yey for boots points!! hope the wrist gets strong!

  7. I must have missed the post where you said you broke your wrist. I sympathise so much as last Christmas, I fractured my left wrist and sprained my right slipping in the ice on the last day of term and I felt so frustrated,especially bathing, showering, opening lids, writing, doing anything really. Anyway, thanks for posting these exercises, as my left wrist STILL hurts and I'll certainly be trying some of these (I was only taught 3 by the consultant who signed me off!)


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