Monday, 24 October 2011

Smartly does it!

Now it really grieves me to have to spend money on work clothes and as we are on a spend free moment (maybe even months!) I have had to be a little more creative with my work wear.

As it had begun to get a nip the air, plus the fact I still can't manage to pull up tights, this morning I opted for a trouser suit.

Smart and warm.

So you can imagine how miffed I was to find that my trousers had a big bleach mark on the bottom!
(I have obviously been by a mop at work and brushed past)

The quandary it put me in was the fact that I hadn't ironed an alternative and had 5 minutes to rectify the situation.  The result ended up as such;
Suit jacket - Next (years old)
Blouse - thrifted
Skirt - eBay

Not quite as warm as I would have liked but thankfully the offices are heated well. 
A sign it has gotten colder is the draft excluder reappearing under the door!

As for my trousers, well in true thrift style my mother in law is going to make them into very long shorts which I should still be able to wear as a suit and suitable for work also.

Win, win I'd say!

Further adventures of the thrifting kind saw us getting our shopping yesterday from the local aldi.
£56 for around two weeks worth of food for the three of us, not bad I thought, even a few treats for Ash in the basket too.

I baked a huge Sunday roast with a leg of lamb that will also see us for tea this evening and I baked a banana loaf for us to take as a snack to work as well as a home made tomato soup for lunches.
(Using the last of our home grown tomatoes.)

A very busy day yesterday!
X x


  1. Aldi and Lidl are fantastic for food. The cold meat and fruit/veg are second to none - try the smoked, wafer thin ham (made by Freshvale) - you'll never go back to slimy, watery supermarket ham again!!

    K xx

  2. Hi thank you so much for the lovely comment. I am really feeling deflated & wrung out & like a crap mum.
    Just keep crying at the moment
    Your outfit looks very smart & very classy indeed
    xx ps glad your wrist is free

  3. Hi Trayci

    The fur collar was from H&M but I too saw the one Vix made and wished I could do that but I am not that talented plus I cannnot imagine finding a coat with a fur collar that so cheap. I can take a hem up, put a zip in or sew a button but not sure if I could do that xx

  4. This is one of my favourite outfits you've posted!! It's so flattering on you! Just gorgeous!! :)

  5. Lovely 1940's inspired outfit, one of my favourites on you ever!! Great idea to turn the trousers into city shorts, I've done that with gent's evening trousers and it's a great way to update your work wardrobe for free. x

  6. I'm always glad I don't work in a 'proper' office - I'm awful with office-wear!

  7. Love your look, even if its not what you had planned.
    Love your moneysaving thrifting. I would love homemade tomato soup!

  8. Necessity is the mother of invention - I love this, I often find the best outfits when I'm faced with limited choices.

  9. A very busy day indeed. The outfit looks fine, but I would have been livid about the trousers and sought compensation from work!

  10. You look great!!! so chic!


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