Friday, 14 October 2011

Four Days And Counting.

The countdown continues and as it does the smile is very slowly beginning to reappear on my face.

In order to help it I have decided to list a few of my favourite fours.

Four Places I go:
1.  Home (nothing better after a long day) 
2.  On my holidays (yay! The company is always great too)
3.  Visiting friends and family (always help me find my happy place)
4.  Work (sad but I do like my job)  
Four Crushes I Have:
1.      Hubby of course (had to be really)
2.      Robbie Williams (just cause)
3.      Ewan Mcgregor (he can act, sing and rides a bike, whats not to love).
4.      David Tennant (he can be my doctor anytime!)

Four Smells that I Love:
1.  Bacon frying (yummy)
2.  Fresh vanilla pods (reminds me of holidays in France)
3.  New car smell 
4.  Home ( not that I have a smelly home! But mare that it smells safe if that makes sense?)

Four Favorite TV Shows: (promise not to laugh please)
1.   Glee (guilty secret)
2.   Australia master chef
3.   Strictly come dancing.
4.  Shameless
Now I'm off to enjoy 4 glasses of wine and four chocolates too!

X x


  1. A great idea to do 4 things.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Glad you did. Btw you don't look old enough to have a 24 year old daughter!

  2. Love your 4s least it keeps you busy are you going to do 3s too lol

  3. Great list! My sister loves Ewan too... I just don't get that one! lol! ;)

  4. It'll fly by!
    I loved Ewan in Trainspotting went off him after that Wrong way Round series, he was so wet. x

  5. Oh I love you already for having a crush on David Tennant. I am so sad he is no longer in Doctor Who :( however I do love Matt Smith! Just never as much as I would David Tennant. Although I am pretty gutted David now has a baby, my chances are doomed :(
    I went to a Doctor Who Exhibition in Liverpool, England a few years ago and I got a picture of David Tennant's DW suit, I was so pleased!

    I also love the vanilla smell, so nice!

    Jazz xo


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