Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

Good grief the weeks are passing quickly!

Here are my high lights;

The Good

I have been so spend neutral it has been amazing!
I am well chuffed with myself. 

The Bad

Working through the whole of half term!
I don't mind working but I do miss being able to spend time with my daughter, not that she's missed me more like I missed her!

The Ugly

Has to be the physio.
Yes its for a good reason but my god it hurts!

How has your week panned out?


  1. Well done on your economising, I really should cut down on what I'm spending.
    Hope your physio isn't toooo bad and that your arm is improving x

  2. yippeeee for spending no money!!!

  3. I'll have to get some spending tips off you, especially as my rent for my university housing has just gone out. And I hope the physio gets better with time, I've heard it can be painful. Thanks for the lovely comment too, I love the pumpkins. xxx

  4. Its gone way too quickly, I can't believe half term is almost over!

  5. Well done on the spending cuts. xx

  6. yes, the time is going so fast! Wish i could cut down on spending. xox


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