Saturday, 22 October 2011

Cutting The Cloth.

Not literally you understand, I can't even thread a needle so that wouldn't be good.

More like tightening our belts.

This year has flown by and Christmas time is fast approaching.
(I know this as Wrapping paper, cards and even Christmas decorations are in our stores as I speak!)

So to quote the advert every penny counts and I shall not be spending any pennies at all!

The accounts have been done and there really are no pennies to spend!
(only essentials and gifts allowed!)

Any bit of entrainment must be free, all clothes must last and meals are to be made with what ever is in the freezer/cupboard.

So my dear friends I must ask what do you do to make your life interesting whilst being frugal?

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  1. Sometimes entertainment doesn't have to cost lots. I have just been to a fine art exhibition for the cost of £1! Also, I started looking out for free museums to visit and suprisingly have found a few that interest me. So that's just a couple of frugal ideas for you to consider. If you would like to see any of my pics then please have a look at my blog.
    P.S I found your blog through 'Frugal Queen' then I decided to become a follower of your blog:-)

  2. Good luck with this lovely,
    I'll be checking back to see people's suggestions x

  3. i cant wait til xmas!! you should do the surveys that i do to get points which you then turn into vouchers. (I like amazon e vouchers) i gather them up for xmas. if you email me i can send you the link to join up :)

  4. I love that quote at the end its so true.

    Good Luck with the cutting back. Oh did you get the boots you ordered from New Look? I got mine on Thursday they are fab xx

  5. Good luck. I promise cutting back can be fun once you get into it. As for entertainment on the free we go to a lot of debates and talks at our local uni which often have free booze and grub plus the talks are really interesting.

    Let us know how you're getting on. x

  6. Learn to thread a needle and follow the fur neck tie tutorial I've just posted on my blog, that'll keep you busy for almost free.
    Good luck with the frugality, it's the only way to live. x

  7. I would say- lots of walking be it in new places, or familiar, much loved places! I love doing this!

  8. Hi my dear-oh I do like this post, especially the last saying, we are also having to watch every penny spent too. We did have a nice afternoon today at the country park, a free walk in the sun was just lovely! Hope you're well and have a nice week ahead xx


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