Sunday, 9 October 2011

What A Difference A Week Makes

Who would believe that last week we had glorious sun shine and we were donning our summer clothes again?!

Well we had a fantastic time in the sun and visited another National trust home.

The beautiful Croft Castle.

The sun shone and we even went for a walk for an hour and a half.
(note to self flip flops aren't correct footwear for walking in the woods!)
The cows were unfazed by us.

It was so beautifully quite.

Flip flops and autumn leaves were an odd combination.

The shadows cast were magical.

We sat in the garden and enjoyed the weather.

The walled garden truly was magical and reminded me of the secrecy garden.

A very grand entrance.

"Do you think Rapunzel lives there?" asked a little girl to her mum as we walked by this.

The entrance to the walled garden.

Amazing to think it was only last week!

 I shall look forward to our next visit to a national trust house.

X x


  1. That looks a stunning place xx

  2. What a gorgeous place! These photos are amazing, I'd love to wander around here. I love your skirt & shoes as well!

  3. Lovely photos :)
    L x


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