Friday, 23 December 2011

The Last Day Of Work....

Not for good obviously, but for a whole week which in my book is very good.

My last day has been filled with visiting local stores, handing out cards and gifts and wishing everyone a fantastic Christmas.
(Which when you work in retail is only two/three days off!)

The outfit for the day has been this;
Dress - Marks and Spencer, a few years old.
Shoes - New Look.

I even popped into hubby's store for a little lunch with him too.
(he's not so happy I break up today as he has only 3 days off over the christmas period!)

Never mind, I am sure he'll get over it!

On a different note, I brought my youngest a new blanket today.
Not a comfort blanket! She never had one of those, but a soft and warm one for while she is on the sofa watching the tv.

(It saves putting the heating on)
We are very frugal here at please may I!

X x


  1. What a lovely pic - that shade of blue really suits you.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.
    I have been off for a week bu my husband only just finishes today for a 5 day break.

  2. Hurrah for festive breaks, although I'm back in on the 28th for three days, then off for two weeks. LOVE that shade of blue on you xo

  3. yey for a week off work! Like the colour of your dress. That cow blanket is like the one we drape over the ice cream cabinet at the shop at night :)
    I just changed my tarrif at NPower and am going to save nearly 300.00 a year. Unbelieveable. I was on standard tarrif, now i'm on the sign online 24!

  4. i do love that throw,where did you get it from?
    im at work tomorrow :-(

  5. Thanks guys. The throw is from Tesco, its is soft its lovely.

    X x

  6. I have a very similar blue dress :-)
    A very happy Christmas to you and your family!

  7. Gorgeous blue dress!!! that looks like such a classic timeless piece! Wishing you a ver merry chrimbo :)x

  8. cute blanket! lovely dress X

  9. I love that dress have a lovely christmas xx

  10. Hi love the dress. I love your outfits.
    I love that blanket to. I love being on the sofa snuggled under my blanket.
    Glad you are joining the pounds challenge with me. You always look so lovely in your outfits. I tend to live in jeans winter time. Summer i wear more skirts etc
    Take care have a lovely christmas time
    to you and your family xxx
    thanks for being a great bloggy mate x x


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