Thursday, 15 March 2012

15th March = Incredible Kid Day

Yes I have yet another useless fact for you.

Today in the US is incredible kid day!

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® is a national letter-writing campaign where kids receive letters of support, love and encouragement from parents and adults. It only takes a few minutes to jot a note that will be remembered and appreciated for a lifetime. The positive impact of these letters on kids is what Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® is all about.

And I, as you know, have two of the most incredible kids ever!
(a little bias I know!)
Ashleigh Mae

Kassandra Nicole

So even though I am not living in America I have put pen to paper and jotted down a note for each.

They are filled with love and encouragement, along with reasons why they should never change and I shall be giving them to them in person later along with a note book for them to fill in all the great things they do and that make them proud. Then when ever they are having a bad day they can look at what they wrote and focus on the positives rather than letting the negatives get them down.

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  1. What a lovely idea, Trayci x

  2. a very good idea!
    I might have to do that for myself lol

  3. this is the cutest idea! X

  4. Great post and great blog
    I follow

  5. What a wonderful mother you must be thats such a lovely idea xx


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